Print & Digital Collateral

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DRF Real Estate

Creative Director: Alicia Zamora

DRF Team combines a modern, fresh approach to real estate, using all of the latest technology tools and marketing with great quality and service.

My role is to create and design various assets including print & digital ads, flyers, brochures, social media graphics, signage, marketing emails, infographics, etc. 


Liege&Dairy is an ice cream and waffle shop in  Louisville KY. They specialized in premium made ice cream using ingredients from local markets and farm.

My role is to redesign and update their menu monthly, create social media graphics, and also make on-brand art used for in-store decoration.

ice cream store hour
Swirl sundae summer vibes with cherry on top

Niwot Colorado

Creative Director: Alicia Zamora

Niwot is a small town in Colorado featuring unique locally owned shops and award-winning restaurants. The town hosts a variety of year-round signature events.

My role is to create and update print marketing materials such as flyers, signage, forms..etc for their city events.

Some of the events are: Honey Bee Harvest Festival, Oktoberfest, Holiday Magic and more.


Miscellaneous print collateral for various clients & projects

Design includes:
Conference flyers, American writer’s brochure & real estate brochures, cook books, post cards and more.


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The Swepson/Super Stays

Role: Branding, website, graphic design

The Swepson is an airbnb located on the edge of Germantown, in perfect walking distance to bars,
breweries and distilleries, restaurants, and Logan Street Market. They later expanded as Super Stays, which offers vacation rental specialized for large group in Louisville. 

My role is to rebrand and redesign the wyvern logo for the Swepson, and design new letterhead & label. When they expanded, I was also in charged of redesigning their new logo for Super Stays.

My second responsibility is to build their websites, &

I also designed various graphics for guest journey and also print collaterals for marketing.


pastel pink and blue logo with the word puff pantry with cookie icon

Puff Pantry

Puff Pantry is a wholoesale bakery that supplies various pastries to Louisville's local businesses.

My role is to design a logo and brand identity. The client wants an overall cute and enrgetic feel to the brand.

Reyes & Larkin Law

Reyes & Larkin Law is sample work for a fictional immigration law office.

My role is to create brand identity system with elements that includes:
logo, typography, color & brand style guideline.

Product & Packaging

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DJ Marshmello Holiday Collection

These are the final product pictures of my design for DJ Marshmello’s 2020 Holiday Collection.
It was used on hoodie, sweatshirt, and a color-in t-shirt for kids.

Hyperlocal Topsail Island

Topsail Island Bag is made for Earthwise Bag’s Hyperlocal grocery bag. My duty was to design the illustrated map to showcase the city’s local attractions and stores.
Red Bull can of alcoholic drink Red Bull vodka

Red Bull Vodka

My sample project of desiging a drink packaging for Redbull with new hypothetical flavor.


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